Sunday, 10 July 2016

2016 Quarter 3 Finish along

"Blows thick layers of dust off and dislodges huge spiders"
" Taps to see if ancient Blog still works"

Well - I managed to finish 1 thing from my Q2 list and then completely missed linking it up! Doh! So I'm resurrecting my blog as a probably better way to keep track more easily (I hope....)

 1. My Oakshotts City Lights quilt - it's just needed the binding on it since last year. I have at least now cut and ironed the binding so i suppose that's progress of a sort! I really ought to finish this as it should be a quick and easy one. (As you may have guessed binding is not my favourite....)
 2. The Twins baby quilts - I need to get on with these NOW - they'll be one in October... (blushes)
 3. My Japanese Boxes cushion kit - not sure if I'll actually start this before September, but wanted it on the list just in case.
 4. My Regia cable socks - these haven't got any further but I've nearly finished the other pair of socks I've been knitting (see below) so these'll be next to progress on train journeys etc.
 5. The plan is to make this into a Giant Star quilt (as per Jeni Baker of In Color Order) - I've now got some light grey background with butterflies/dragonflies on it. If it works nicely I'm hoping this will be a quilt for Siblings Together.
 6. This is my Nancy Nicholson pigeon embroidery panel - it's started, but no more than that
 7. My "Color Affection" shawl - this is stalled as it's got to the not really mindless knitting bit so I can't really knit it on the train (there's quite a bit of juggling balls of yarn as well - not easy on a packed train)
8. A disappearing nine patch for my MIL - not needed until Christmas so it can wait a while.
 9. A pair of self striping socks for a friend - I'm on the rib now so these should be an easy finish.
 10. This is A Deer and Doe plantain T Shirt - a wearable toile (well possibly, as that fabric is bit "eye catching") - I did a complex FBA on this wand want to see if it works before I spend out on a more flattering - and more expensive - fabric. Again, this really should be a quick finish, but that neckband is scaring me. as is the thought of using a twin needle. Nothing ventured nothing gained though?
 11. I signed up for the Craftsy Shirt class last year - I have a practice fabric and a pattern. Ready to wear shirts either gape over the bust, or are far too big across the shoulders and waist. I'm hoping I can make my own - and therefore they may actually fit!
 12. Replacement beach screen. I was stitching this in upholstery/heavy duty thread with a jeans needle for extra strength, but the stitches are awful. I need to try and work out what I need to do before I finish this. I am wondering though if my Singer 221 might make a better job of it....
13. My so-old-it's-vintage bargello tapestry cushion panel. I think this one could be a possibility - after  nearly 35 years I might actually finish it! (Am wondering if this might be the oldest WIP in the Finish Along?)

14. A space quilt for DS2. DS1 chose the fabric 5 years ago to make a quilt and never did. So as DS2 adores the plush backed Cherry Christmas quilt, I'm going to make him a plush backed space quilt .
15. Some DK socks for me in Adriafil Knitcol - Colour Pascal

16. An estonian lace wrap - I bought the Kit from  Black Bat wools at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia earlier this year
 17. Two mini hoops with Cactus embroidery ( am hoping that this can be a portable project)
 18. Some socks for me in gorgeous Mothy and the Squid hand dyed sparkly yarn
 19. More DK socks for me - this time in Adriafil Knitcol, Beethoven

20. And DS1's bedroom curtains - though this really ought to be at the top of the list.....

Phew! that's a long list for me - there's about 3 items I should definitely finish ( I only managed one last quarter! (And then missed linking it up :-D). I'm hoping I will at least make some progress on some of the others.

I'm linking up on  Helen at Archie The Wonder Dog.

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