Friday, 21 May 2010


No pictures - no time despite the glorious sunshine and heat. We're off to Italy - with three excited small(er) people!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Wealden Quilt Show 2010

Hmm - well back to Work and a windy weekend in Rye have meant I haven't got round to blogging at all (I know start blogging and fall at the first hurdle!)

Anyway, I really wanted to show you some pictures of the Wealden Quilt show that I visited a couple of weeks ago. Some amazing pieces - all very different and quite inspirational. What I particularly loved was when there were suprise details on the backs, which had been equally thought out - a bit like a secret for the quilt's owner.

I'm afraid I foolishly didn't take notes of the names of the quilts and who made them, but thought I would share a few of my favourites (and there were more which I also loved, but I have to stop somewhere)

This was stunning - my photograph doesn't do it justice - it looks a little pink in the photo, but trust me it wasn't - it was very red, gorgeously so. Beautifully crafted and freehand machine quilted.

This one was really hard to photograph as it was in a sort of small alcove. Very soft, with some delicious tactile details, and I loved the subtle punch of colour on the ladybirds.

Gorgeous fabric choice on this sampler quilt. 1930's style fabrics are very popular right now and this was a lovely example of it - the other sampler quilts were much in much stronger and bolder colourways and had a very different feel.

And here is a close up of the Dresden Plate block

This one is all about the fabulous quilting - it reminded me so much of Durham Quilting - the plain fabric and then the lovely quilting patterns, The blocks were stitched together with subtle decorative stitching. The detail is really hard to see in the full shot.
And I now have an urge to make a Dinosaur Blanket..........

I could probably persuade the 3 year old he would like one, but unfortunately although I am a very good project starter I am an appalling project finisher! The question would be whether I would finish it before he left home?

Hopefully my next post will show a finished object - but it needs to wait until my sewing machine has been serviced on Monday (I have tried sewing on it, but the timing seems to be off and the resulting stitching makes a plate of spaghetti look orderly)