Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mollie Makes

The latest copy of Mollie Makes came with a crochet flower kit:

I do like crochet and small projects are right up my street ( I sadly have had to accept that my boredom threshold is reached quite quickly, and that large projects - like King sized quilts, or adult sweaters - should be approached with trepidation, as I may well have lost interest in the process long before they are finished. Sad but true)

So Ta-dah! (please excuse the colour - I think I need to have a little chat with my camera)

I think I should have ignored the not-so-great crochet hook that went with the kit, and hunted one out a size smaller as it is little loose.

It then got me thinking - I wonder if I could make a really mini one out of embroidery thread....... So I dug out the not-so-cheap cheap multi pack of embroidery threads (bought to teach my daughter the art of making friendship bracelets, and languishing , unloved, at the back of the cupboard ever since) and ta dah! no 2:

Definitely not as mini as I thought it was going to be - I used a 1.5 hook and that seemed about right.  I think sewing thread would be a step too far - even if I was able to find a crochet hook small enough and my eyes could stand it.

I tried putting the two together, and you know? I quite like it - maybe if I try a more coordinating colour for the small one it might make quite a good brooch after all.