Saturday, 24 September 2011

Naming Day Gift

What do you give a little boy for a naming day gift? We live in a small town, and the limited selection of traditional gifts (in our budget!) would likely already be turning up. So I did some sewing and made him a travelling art folder - inspiration and instructions culled from a myriad of finished items/tutorials on blogs (and Pinterest........). I can't remember them all - but I did refer to this tutorial when actually making it.

It turned out quite well - but I wish I had used some iron on interfacing on the lining fabric -or even added some wadding - I didn't think it would need it as the outer fabric is denim, but the folder is a little floppy. It should be possible to use the art folder for colouring pencils instead of crayons as there is enough length.

I hope it gets used and abused - chucked in changing bags etc - always handy for those unexpected long waits at the Doctors, in a cafe...... once he's old enough to hold a crayon that is!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Autumn is coming

The summer has long gone it feels - the nights are drawing in, there is chill and dampness in the air (and the doors are starting to stick again, sigh). But interspersed there are warm and sunny patches.

Our new climbing rose is blooming, looking beautiful with the not-so-early morning dew that autumn brings.

The Littlest Wednesday thinks it smells of raspberries.