Friday, 21 January 2011

Discussion with a 4 year old...

I had an interesting discussion with child 3 after picking him up from preschool on Wednesday. He had had a lovely day, doing lots of making - including rockets and a flying saucer.

Child 3: We watched a film about flying saucers
Me: Really? That's sounds very interesting.
Child 3: They make them in Africa
Me: I didn't know that!
Child 3: Except for the blue bits. The Aliens make those.
Me: Mmm. So why do the Aliens make the blue bits?
Child 3: Because the blue bits will kill you.

I still don't know what the blue bits are exactly.......or why flying saucers are made in Africa.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Not posting...

Well, I was looking through some photos and thought of all my "Not Posts" (you know, the ones I planned to write, but somehow never did...)

So, here is a brief whirlwind tour of some of the  "Not Posts"!

There was the October half term trip to the Lakes (in the caravan) where it hit -6 on the first night and all the campsite stand pipes froze....
It was incredibly beautiful though. (The rest of the week was much warmer - and MUCH wetter).

There was also the 2 day Beginners Patchwork course I took with Annabel Groom at the Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes, which resulted in this

I also went and did a short workshop with Mandy Shaw (you may have seen her on Kirstie's Homemade Home) making a Russian Doll tree ornament (please excuse the poor photo - my camera was dying and Santa was yet to make his visit...)

I have found out that actually I really like hand sewing..........

There have been birthdays (which required cakes...)

And currently I am working my way through a Busy Lizzie quilt kit. all the blocks have been sewn and trimmed
 Sewing them together though will have to wait - I have a tweenage girl's birthday party to organise and apparently I need to sew some party bags....and make another cake.......

Ah well at least I have ten months before the birthday party season starts again.