Friday, 21 January 2011

Discussion with a 4 year old...

I had an interesting discussion with child 3 after picking him up from preschool on Wednesday. He had had a lovely day, doing lots of making - including rockets and a flying saucer.

Child 3: We watched a film about flying saucers
Me: Really? That's sounds very interesting.
Child 3: They make them in Africa
Me: I didn't know that!
Child 3: Except for the blue bits. The Aliens make those.
Me: Mmm. So why do the Aliens make the blue bits?
Child 3: Because the blue bits will kill you.

I still don't know what the blue bits are exactly.......or why flying saucers are made in Africa.


  1. Oh how I enjoyed my two children when they were that age. I have a wonderful home video of my 5 year old daughter sitting cross legged in the garden chattering away telling me all about God and his magic finger!

  2. Wow trippy man.You have just got to relax into those kind of conversations and then go write them down cos like dreams they vanish.

  3. Jane he's taller than me and I'm considered a tall woman. in 2008 he started some serious growing and hasn't stopped. I might have a look for the cookery book. We are working towards him being more independant. Great fun though.

  4. Louise that sounds quite scary Do you think Thomas has slowed down yet? B grew an inch over Christmas. End of term his school trousers fit him - 2 weeks later they were too short!

    The Usborne cookbook for boys might feel a bit young at 13, but maybe not... To be honest most of the kids cookbooks all seemed too girly or too much baking and this we thought was great - really orientated towards the food boys like to eat (chilli con carne, pizza, lamb curry, hamburgers etc.)

    I love it when they can cook in the kitchen with a little help rather than "helping" cook.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the amazing advice over at the blog. I will check out the web site as we do a fair bit of science (I am a science teacher) but always like to see new ideas. Oh how I wish hed ever shown interest in sewing. Someone has put me intouch with geocaching a high tech treasure hunt. well worth the look see. Thanks again I appreciate your time. Lx