Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Mmm - this seems to almost becoming a quarterly blog! It wasn't intended - I think it is because I thought I knew what I wanted to say when I started, but have realised that I am not actually sure how I want this blog to be........

Anyway.... cushions! (or pillows if you are in North America). We currently have none in our living room ( I threw most of ours away and then pinched the last 2 to go on the chair I sit on when using the sewing machine). Having been inspired by Pillow Month on the Sew Mama Sew! blog , and by the Bloggers pillow party, I bought 4 cushions to cover from Ikea.

Several fat quarters of Amy Butler's "Love" fabric later, some Klona solid (from Backstitch, although the Remnant House also stock it) and inspiration from Red Pepper Quilts, I have got this far
I wasn't planning on quilting the front, but sadly at the moment, most of the windmills/pinwheels don't really stand out, and I think very simple quilting around them will help.

I did consider leaving it pinned to the study blind as I quite like the stained glass effect, but having sewn all 76 pieces of fabric together, I feel the need to finish and display it! (our study is a bit of a glory hole/dumping ground - I don't willingly let any non family members in there)

I am hoping to make several very different cushions using the same fabric (though I am not sure I have enough of the grey solid...) so hopefully they will coordinate and I will get lots of practice at piecing (without losing the will to live...)