Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 Finish-a-long

Having had an even busier end to the year than normal, nothing much other than daily life seems to have happened for some time. It wouldn't have made for interesting Blog posts!

Looking back last year, I really didn't get much made - or finished - so I am linking up to Leanne at she can quilt who is running the 2013 Finish A Long. I am hoping that this spurs me on to get behind the sewing machine and finish things. I really put off the quilting, so I'm hoping that I also start to come to grips with it this year - I'm never going to get any better unless I actually do some/practise it.

she can quilt

So here are my items for the First Quarter:

1. My Christmas Tree Skirt - started November 2011. I finally finished the quilting on it over the Christmas Break, So I only need to stay stitch and cut the openings, make some Bias Binding and bind it. If I don't do it know, it will be put away until Christmas 2013, and won't be finished in time to go round the tree - again!
2. A very simple quilt for my daughter - the "top" (a panel print that I surrounded with a border) - I already have the super soft fleece to use as the wadding/backing, so this only really needs quilting and binding.

3. My Busy Lizzie quilt - this is the first quilt I ever made, from a kit from The Quilt Room. It is so nearly finished - I just need to finish hand sewing the binding down - so quite why it has been lurking in my wardrobe for at least a year in this state, I don't know.

4. My City Lights quilt - the top is finished, I have the backing fabric and wadding, so it just needs to be turned into a finished quilt!

5. Continue My Swoon Quilt - I have stalled at two blocks - all my background fabric for the blocks is cut, and I have cut out the fabric for the next two blocks, so no reason not to make progress. Honestly? I know that this will not be a finished quilt by the end of the quarter, but I hope that I will have made some more progress.

Not sewing, but I really need to finish my Dad's socks

I am so nearly there - I am on the shaping of the toe on the second sock, so just need to finish this and then sew in the ends and block them.

My oldest UFO is also knitting :

This is a panelled jacket for my Mum which I started a few years ago (hangs head in shame) - I actually went to sew it all together at the start of December - and promptly discovered that two of the front panels are two small. I need to re knit those and then sew it together. It would feel really good to not have this one hanging around any longer.

I think I might be busy for a while.......