Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Finish!

Sadly not my tree skirt - that is at the point of being half quilted (It is my first attempt at free motion quilting, and I am still terrified of it!) It might make it under the tree by New Year.

I have managed though to complete two crayon folders as part of the Christmas presents for some dear friends' 2 little ones.

I fussy cut a picture from some of the fabric used inside and raw edge appliqued it to the front - this way they can always tells whose is whose! That and the different coloured elastics that keep them closed. I considered putting their initials on the front, but I am struggling to find a font that I like that increases to the size I want with the proportions I'd like!

They nearly didn't get posted though - I discovered that my box of brand new crayons mysteriously didn't contain enough to fill them both, so there was a mad dash to buy some more on the way to the post office (I am currently very thankful for Gift bags) where we just got to in time, by the skin of our teeth

(By the way, they are much better than the first one I made - I used a linen fabric for the outer this time and paired it with a lightweight fusible fleece - I also used a lightweight interfacing on the inner fabric and the whole thing works so much better)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Funny Old day

Feeling a little odd today - kind of bereft. Our office is closing at the end of the week, and I have cleared out and packed the contents of my desk and filing cabinet. Most of us are relocating to other offices within the organisation, with only a very few becoming redundant.

It just felt strange to walk out and say goodbye and know that I will hardly ever see many of my colleagues again, yet it is all happening so quietly and calmly.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Birthday Season has begun!

I am tired - the two week countdown felt very long...... and I was up very late last night making this:

Looks quite innocent doesn't it - with a tasteful decoration of mini smarties? Tea ended up being quite late, and once it was cut:

there was no way the children were having any so close to bed time! They all want a slice in their packed lunches though (As does my husband despite the fact that he is not taking a packed lunch tomorrow as it is his office christmas do!)

I first saw it on Sue at The Quince tree's blog, and then forgot all about it until I stumbled across it on the Whisk kid's blog a week or two ago - perfect timing!

Birthday cake season has begun!