Thursday, 1 December 2011

Birthday Season has begun!

I am tired - the two week countdown felt very long...... and I was up very late last night making this:

Looks quite innocent doesn't it - with a tasteful decoration of mini smarties? Tea ended up being quite late, and once it was cut:

there was no way the children were having any so close to bed time! They all want a slice in their packed lunches though (As does my husband despite the fact that he is not taking a packed lunch tomorrow as it is his office christmas do!)

I first saw it on Sue at The Quince tree's blog, and then forgot all about it until I stumbled across it on the Whisk kid's blog a week or two ago - perfect timing!

Birthday cake season has begun!


  1. Beautiful inside and out!!!!Its so neat how do you do it? Such talent.

  2. wow, that is very beautiful! hope you got your tree skirt finished x