Saturday, 14 July 2012

Thank Heaven for the Olympics!

Because this is as far as my Jubilee bunting got

Good job there will be another reason for red, white and blue bunting this year.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Fat Quarterly Pouch

I finally bought Fat Quarterly 4 - the solids issue - and the first thing I have made is the pouch by Monika Wintermantel.

I should warn you  though, it doesn't look the same as Monika's at all! (The top for some reason has come out sloping as well. I need more practise. Er, a lot more practise.....)

It is however the same size and I followed the instructions closely - I just didn't put the small pieced strip in near the bottom, and did a different applique, using some liberty lawn that I have hoarded for so long it probably qualifies as vintage.

I may have caught the pouch making bug, and as it is near the end of the school year, my children's teachers may just become the unlucky recipients of my efforts. (Well there are only so many mugs you can use aren't there?)