Sunday, 30 September 2012

A return to Blogland

Well I never planned not posting for so long (again!) and have, in fact, written many a blog post in my head. However they are not much use there.

It was a busy summer! Quite a while ago now (blushes ) I was lucky enough to win the Simpatico bundle on Katy from "Monkey Do"'s blog, courtesy of The Village Habedashery.

I've stroked it, and looked at it, but haven't brought myself to cut into it (I've never had all the fabrics from a range before!) . I think though, that I may split it up. I was toying with the idea of  a Stained Quilt (courtesy of Sarah from Narcoleptic in a Cupboard) with a charcoal coloured sashing, but I think they will have more of an impact if I mix them up with other fabrics - they almost play too nicely together - does that make sense?So I am trying to force myself to split them up and store them in the stash.

The summer passed in a whirl of being at work,, buying new school uniform and school shoes (including discovering on the first day back to school that I had managed to buy my daughter exactly the same size shoes as she already had.......)

We had a fabulous week in Cornwall, where there was quite a bit of beach visiting and wave jumping

and some of this
(I took the opportunity to build my own whilst the children were occupied in exploring rock pools.)

We visited the National Maritime Museum on the one really wet day and had a fantastic time.

 There were five children in our group aged between 2 and 12 and they all found a lot to interest them. We would have spent longer, but we ran out of time on the parking tickets.

We also visited the amazing Eden project. We last visited 10 years ago when it was still fairly newly opened. I can't believe how much it has changed (the incredible heat in the tropical house, even early in the day, has not however.)

 The outside planting was absolutely stunning - I have no photos that do it justice.

Then it was home for a mad week of work, washing mountains and cleaning and repacking the caravan for a trip to Holland.......