Friday, 15 July 2011

A Caravan Cookbook

Here is one of my latest purchases (good old Book people!):

Sadly we haven't been out in the caravan since I bought it - but we have tried out some of the recipes at home - I can highly recommend the whole chicken in cider (though as we don't have a slow cooker in the caravan - and won't be getting one - it will remain a cook at home dish.)
 The spaghetti bolognese was also extremely good - it had an unusal ingredient in the form of adzuki beans (or in our case a tin of aduki beans that had been sitting in the cupboard so long it was dusty). We have also made the sausage,leek and mozzarella rolls - very yum.
I do struggle to think of things to cook whilst away in the 'van - and there are some things in the book that I wouldn't attempt in a caravan kitchen (or the ingredients are just a a step too far for the children's conservative palettes), but I'm hoping the food on our next trip away is going to be a bit more interesting...

If I actually try to make one of the bread recipes I'll let you know, but don't hold your breath.....