Sunday, 12 September 2010


I have a confession - I have a fairly large stash of yarn. Some of it is nice yarn (think Kid Silk Haze, Regia Sock Yarn) but more of it is either Vintage (but not vintage enough..) or a bit " What was I Thinking?" yarn! I confess I cannot resist a bargain, though i am finally learning that I really should!

Anyway this leads me on to my granny shawl. I really wanted to join in the Attic 24 Granny Stripe Blanket crochet-a-long going on in the Ravelry Group, but my stash glowered at me, and in truth, I could not justify spending more money on yarn.

I have 2 balls of Sirdo YoYo in Caramel (comes into the "What was I thinking?" category in case you hadn't already guessed - actually I was thinking of the Ten stitch spiral blanket, but I digress) so I decided that I would use that to make one of the many half granny shawls I have seen on Ravelry.

  And actually it was quite nice to crochet - no stitch definition but I think it has turned out rather well, it was interesting to see how the stripes became much more pronounced as the shawl got larger. It didn't quite use up one ball, and amazingly I came across no knots - surprising in a 400g ball of yarn.

However I could not restrain myself any longer with Yarn buying. I have wanted to make this blanket for a while.

The down side was whenever I considered quite how many balls of yarn I would have to buy in order to get enough different colours for the centres meant it was just too costly. (Unfortunately having a very large proportion of "What was I thinking" yarn in your stash does tend to mean that there is not a lot of solid coloured DK yarn  - with or without natural fibre content)

Then whilst wasting lots of time researching on the Internet, I discovered that country Crafts sell mixed packs of DK  oddments. So I ordered five (differently coloured) packs.
 Each pack totals approximately 100g and I should need about 400g - so I am hoping there will be enough. I'm not planning on using the fairly flourescent green or orange ballettes though......

Yes it is acrylic - but I have three children aged 10 and under - I am positive that it will spend at least some of its time in the washing machine.

However - don't hold your breath, based upon current progress (the shawl was an abberration) it should take - ooo - about 3 years to finish.


  1. the shawl is lovely and I like the mixed colours. Its always nice to hear of yarnshops and new patterns.

  2. The shawl looks fab! Nice to meet you and thank you so much for voting for me! Lots of love, Amanda xxx