Saturday, 16 October 2010

Recipe books

Reading about some of Sue's delicious creations and cookbooks (particularly here ) it made me think about how many cookbooks I have.

I have finally counted them.

I have excluded pamphlet types such as " The Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce " cookbook (and the must have "Bero " cookbook for nostalgic purposes if nothing else)

I have 115.

That does not include the 31 cake decorating books I have (though I did include the pamphlet type in that total).

That's not too many right?


  1. I keep chucking and honing. Huge Delia section and a large amount of preserve books.

  2. I have chucked as well (Over the years anyway otherwise it would be even worse). I have most of the Delia's but find that her timings/temperatures are often way out for me. I do have all of Nigella's, some Rachel Allens and quite a few Jamie's. I have recently acquired some River Cottage books which I am really enjoying.

    It isn't too bad as I nearly always acquire them heavily discounted, but still, I think I may have a bit of an addiction!

  3. I chuck and hone too, but for every book chucked another appears.

    Quince Trees -my tree is either a 'vranja' or a 'meech's prolific'. I'm afraid I can't remember which -they're both pretty well known. There are several nurseries online that supply them. All varieties of cydonia oblonga (quince tree) are edible. There is also a shrub known as quince but is in fact japonica chaenomeles. Its fruit are also edible and can be made into jelly.

    Many thanks for the link :o)

    Sue x

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