Sunday, 1 January 2012

Notes to Self...

Christmas and another birthday safely out of the way (and the birthday party -seven 11 and 12 year old boys taken swimming). And a New Year. Happy New Year!

So here are the notes to myself for next year:

1) Start Christmas sewing in January (once I've finished the stuff from 2011). You will still have not enough time, but at least it may stop the months of dithering about what to make exactly....

2) When cooking the giblets for stock for the gravy, do NOT use half a red onion. It may be good use of the one remaining from making coleslaw, but anyone seeing the stock before it becomes gravy may well refuse to eat it (Gravy Browning, I love you)
 (Believe me this picture does not do it justice - it was a very weird greeny purple, and would not have looked out of place in the Harry Potter prop department)

3)Make sure Boxing Day is commitment free - because there is no way that you will get anything done for Child 1's birthday on the 27th before then. Midnight *wrapping of presents is bad enough on Christmas eve, let alone boxing day too.

4)Embrace Fly lady NOW - that way there may be Christmas lights up outside before Christmas, and the tree may actually be up more than a week......just saying.

5) Chocolate Orange does NOT count as one of your 5 a day (the figure on the bathroom scales this morning just confirms it)

And as a final note - am I the last person to discover the "Queen" on Twitter ?

* In fairness I should point out that this year, I gave a big pile to DH as well, and headed off to bed around midnight when I had finished my pile.


  1. Its tough having birthdays all tangled up with Christmas, Thomas is 14 today I always feel like he gets short changed. All the best for 2012.

  2. Your blog is so funny, I just added it to my sidebar, this post had me laughing and laughing - one of my daughter's birthday is on Boxing Day, just trumping you there. But who is Fly Lady? And the bit about the gravy really had me laughing.

    1. Arrgh - sorry it has taken me so long to reply - thank you for your very kind comments. I have to admit I seem to know of more people with December birthdays than any other month! Does your daughter mind being on Boxing Day? My son doesn't mind too much about the 27th - I have to admit he was late and I did get a bit worried when it got to Christmas Eve - I was then hoping I didn't go into labour after all!
      (And that Gravy - I so wish I was better at taking photos so I could have a permanent record of it's awful colour. Fortunately only my husband saw and as he will pretty much eat anything, it didn't put him off)
      Fly Lady is an online site for household organisation - sadly I think I am a lost cause......