Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Happy mail!

I got a new book through the post today, courtesy of Amazon UK. (I seem to do a frightening amount of purchasing through Amazon - is it just me, or does anybody else find that?) This time thanks to a gift voucher that I got for my birthday earlier in the year.

It is Pretty in Patchwork : Holidays by John Adams (also known as Quilt Dad). There are some lovely projects in it - the gift card holders that double up as Christmas Tree Ornaments, some gorgeous wine bottle gift bags (I'm not sure I could face giving those away - I might have to ask for them back in fear that they would get put in the bin, and that wouldn't be in the spirit of gift giving at all), table runners, quilts, pillow cases, I could go on and on.

But what really sold it to me were the polar bear and penguin cushion covers (and the polar bear decorative hoop!)

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