Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Happy (Belated) Easter!

Funny thing blogging - a bit like having to stand up and give a speech - or going to the gym- it's the starting that seems so hard - once you're in the flow I am sure it is easy.......

Been having a lovely Easter break - both A and I have this week off work, the kids aren't at school and the weather is finally getting better - though I think it might have benefitted from some therapy on Sunday. We went for a bike ride with some friends - started ok - turned to hail then the sun came out and we were able to sit out in a pub garden enjoying liquid refreshment before it rained!

There has been a lot of Easter Baking - my simnel cake though was slightly overtoasted at the edges and some of the apostles tried to make a break for it whilst the top was supposed to be burnishing in the oven. It has turned out ok - but definitely not a blog worthy picture. M made some traditional easter cakes (chocolate shredded wheat nests with mini eggs of course!) and B has made some chocolate cup cakes with flake nests and mini eggs on top. O had the important job of placing the mini eggs both times and resisted eating any until we had finished (unlike me....)

Hope you all had a good Easter break - I'm loving the fact that it feels as though Spring is finally here this year


  1. Welcome to blogland! And yes, writing the posts does get easier. Hooray for Spring (and chocolate).

  2. Welcome Jane! Happy blogging it's such fun. The thing I worried about when I started a couple of months ago was that I wouldn't have enough to write about. How wrong I was.
    Yes Spring is here at last :o)

    Sue xx

  3. Your cupcakes look divine - I love the way the flake looks like a nest!