Friday, 16 April 2010

Sourdough (Pt3)

Well, strictly speaking it could be part 4 as I did feed and nurture it for a third day as instructed.
was looking much better by this morning- frothing nicely and had a pleasant smell - yeasty and slightly sour.

So I turned it into a stiffer batter, let it rise again for a few hours, took out a few tablespoons and then turned it into a nice bread dough - shaped, proved and baked it and here it is!

It is a nicely risen loaf - but (and there had to be one) it isn't sourdough. I did wonder as it rose quite a lot and in a fairly short space of time when I put the shaped loaf to prove. It is soft and tender within - no holes and that particular chewy texture - and most definite of all - not sour (there might be a slight tang but believe me it is slight).

I will keep the remaining starter and see if I can't get it to sour up a bit - after all it is a huge improvement on my first ever attempt where the starter end up foul smelling, a weird colour and in the bin.

The macaroons we made today were much better - however with 3 children on school holidays there aren't any left around to photograph!


  1. Hi Jane, Thanks for visiting my blog and I did indeed grow up in Darlo so its likely that you do remember me. Was it awful to think how much older I looked? No photos of you so I'm intrigued. Do tell me who you are I remember a few Janes some in school nd some at sixth form.

  2. Hi sorry thought I commented this morning but no. Hi yes that sounds like me a darlo lass. Which Jane are you? I knew a few. Do tell

  3. No photos as I hate having them taken (no change there!) My maiden name was Parker and my best friend at junior school was also called Jane (ironically DS1's best friend at school has the same name as him) Will have to try and find a vaguely acceptable picture to put up...... might take a while

  4. Jane yes I remember you so well don't our parents still knock about at masons? Am I completely off beam but I seem to remember you going to ballet school during hummersknott. I didn't go to abbey. We did art and other things together and if I was a cow, so sorry I'm lovely now promise!!!!!!!!!! Tell me more would love to catch up still in touch with several other hummersknotonions

  5. ooh - great photo! I always think that yeast has an air of alchemy about it!

  6. Hi Louise - sorry it has taken me so long to reply - Blogger is still not telling me when I have comments.think you may be mixing me up with Alison Leadley? I seem to remember her Dad was a Mason but sadly passed away some years ago. Most of my Hummersknott years are very hazy and I don't remember you being cow like!!!!!!!! I think you were in the other year half to me (did you know Jane Ridley - we were BF's at Junior school).