Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ice cream cupcakes

A bit of baking was called for at the weekend - ice cream is in short supply in our house due to the fridge freezer going on strike - so I made the next best thing - ice cream cupcakes! (Ok well, not quite the next best thing given the heat, but still pretty darn good).

I recently got the book "Eat Me" by Cookie Girl (Xanthe Milton) and have wanted to make them ever since. Cleverly you wrap the outside of the cones in foil to keep them from falling over (and to stop them burning I suspect)
The cake mixture is a slight variation on a Victoria Sponge - I scraped every last drop out of the bowl and really thought that I did not have enough mixture. The cakes rose magnificiently however and even overflowed on a few.

Sadly I only had golden icing sugar for the buttercream which does detract from the true Mr Whippy look, but still looks good. (O in true 3 year old style ate the flake, the icing AND the cornet but left the cake.....) Am now wondering about making them with a scoop of ice cream on top at the last minute instead of buttercream........ mmm - wonder if I could bake chocolate brownie (or a blondie!) in them, and serve them warm with the ice cream on top as a pudding?


  1. Thank you! I have tried one (research only you know lol!) as I'm not a big fan of buttercream. Can't make up my mind about the cake and wafer at the same time - just doesn't seem right but somehow works.

  2. Oh they look FAB ! I love them...... I think that something like this is just so nice for children (young and old.. ha )

    S x