Friday, 9 July 2010


Still hot - the grass is dry and parched and I have a perfect excuse for not weeding - the ground is rock hard and I can't get them out!

Sadly the Fridge Freezer is STILL not fixed (I am not happy and I will not be using these repairers again) and without a repair date in sight!

On a lighter note I spent a lovely long weekend with friends at the Cotswold Water Park last weekend. Weather was mostly fabulous and it we had a lovely chilled time. We had rented a 5 bedroom house for the weekend - complete with hot tub in the garden. We did do some cycling and a little (very little) walking.

I have been attempting some bag making recently, but it has taken ages due to my sewing machine being extremely temperamental!

So I started with this:

And for a long time didn't get much further as I could only sew about 5cm before it all became a hideous mess of threads. I finally bit the bullet and called in Sewing Machine Service/Repairs man . Turns out that the upper and bottom tension parts have never worked quite right and needed adjusting. And all these years I thought it was me being a poor sewer!(Well it might still be, but at least the machine is working beautifully now)

Anyway I have eventually finished my Buttercup Bag. It looks very pretty, but I think would be better with a heavier fabric.
 It was quite hard to show the inside (it is not creased despite appearances), but these fabrics work beautifully together - I only wish I knew what they were!


  1. Lovely Jane , miles away from the pencil/ circle skirt from school days

  2. The colours work lovely together.

    S x