Monday, 25 June 2012

A finish!

I have finally got some sewing done! Not quite what I planned (I had hoped to fnish sewing my Oakshott City Lights quilt blocks, from er......february) - no, Child 3 and I sewed (I use the "and" lightly - he's 5 and they had the "new" power rangers on tv..... - suffice to say a little light stuffing was as far as he got).

So meet Gulliver.

 He's from a pattern by Jodie from Ric-Rac and is rather charming (even if he is a crocodile). Please ignore the indent in his tum - it isn't there in reality - just more of my poor photography I'm afraid.

The main fabric is a flannel by Riley Blake and I am not sure I want to work with a flannel again. It may be soft and cuddley, but it frays horribly and it is the only time that I have made a toy from a woven fabric and found that the finished item is longer than the original pattern! (Bizarrely it still seems to be the same width)

Child 1 has also been sewing - involving a lot of advising and a little help - not quite finished yet, but on the home straight:

I have high hopes of him sewing on his own scout badges after this.

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  1. I love the croc and how very cool to be sewing with your five year old. I made a quilt for my baby nephew at Christmas with Riley Blake flannel and it was soft and warm and frayed for England. Never again I thought but someone asked me to make one the same for their baby so I had a go. I had just started using spray starch and sprayed it till it was stiff. Haraah, no fraying. It made a real difference