Friday, 16 November 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

I was very fortunate to recently win not one, but two giveaways.

The first was from Tactile Fabrics through Plum and June's blog - I got a beautiful bundle of delicious Art Gallery fabrics. These look as though they have a higher thread count than most quilting cottons and feel gorgeous.( I am a little worried though, as my daughter has been eying them up)

The Second giveaway was from Sarah of Pings and Needles - my comment on the Turkey Hat picture was her favourite ( I think she was being kind!) and Sarah sent me three lovely FQ's of chocolatey brown fabrics - yum - low calorie too.

The Bad:

It started when
1) My hairdryer died and had to be replaced,
2) Then the dining room light fitting fizzled and died too
3) Followed by our lovely (but rather expensive) coffee machine (hopefully due back from being (expensively) repaired next week)
4) But the final straw? (And I really rally hope it is the final)The washing machine died completely last week. The new one is being delivered today - anytime after 7 am....

And The Ugly?

See 4) above!


  1. Is that a bit of Modernology at the bottom of that first bundle? Yum yum. I have a bundle of Modernology that I am saving up for a something special.

    PS Your laundry basket doesn't look so bad considering your washing machine is broken - my laundry has taken over the entire conservatory even though my washing machine is functioning fine. It just can't keep up with my family's laundry output!

  2. Love those colourful fabrics.

    Washing takes over our house regardless of whether the washing machine is working or not. I don't know how four people can wear so many clothes in a week!