Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Tah -dah! Finally!

Crafting time here seems to be in very short supply nowadays - I was starting to get seriously worried that I wasn't going to finish ANYTHING on my Finish - A - Long list, despite it being fairly modest.

But here is my tree skirt!

That bias binding was definitely a pig to sew on though - for some reason I made it 1.5 inches wide BEFORE I folded it over. I only realised this after I had started attaching it with a 1/4 inch seam and realised it was never going to flip over to the other side fully. Lots of unpicking and then a 1/8 inch seam. I only discovered that that hadn't fully caught both layers of the binding once I started machine stitching the binding. Cue lots more unpicking in various areas and stitching down (and then finding the binding hadn't caught on the back, and more unpicking and restitching). I quite like the very skinny binding:

But I'm never doing it again!

I ought to wash it, especially as I used spray baste, but as the (non quilting) backing fabric and binding did this to my machine:

I'm going to wait until it has been under my Christmas tree once! I'm not convinced that a box of colour catchers would keep the top from turning very pink.

This quilt is full of mistakes - but you know what? I have certainly learnt a lot from all those mistakes, far more than if it had gone right. So although I may have cursed many times whilst making it, I am kind of grateful for it (but only kind of - I am glad it is a get-it-out-once-a-year-and-lie-flat-on-the -floor-covered-in-stuff quilt!)

I also finally finished my Dad's socks

 (They have been washed and shaped, but they look a bit sad  - I can now see why people have sock blockers)

It was a good job too - it was his birthday at the beginning of the week, and I was madly weaving in ends on Saturday morning to make sure I got them in the post on time (I had 12 ends on one sock - not sure how I managed that one). What is really crazy though is that I actually finished them bar the grafting of one toe and weaving in the ends, at the end of January. A pattern seems to be emerging here. Hmmm.

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