Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Craftsy 2012 Block of the Month - March

Last Wednesday I took a day off and had a sewing session with a friend - we're on the march 2012 Blocks of the Month. I would have posted earlier, but we have been going down with a nasty cold virus like a pack of dominoes. I'm only just starting to feel well after nearly a week.

I really enjoyed the string block (I have some pretty skinny strings in there!) - loved the way I didn't have to measure, and actually I decided to not worry if my string s were a bit wonky (they don't look too bad). I haven't foundation pieced anything before and found this simple pattern much easier than I thought it would be.

I've only managed one section of the spiderweb block , but this was even easier. The strings aren't stitched to the foundation fabric after the first seam, so you can get away with not pressing until the end - I particularly liked that! I'm thinking of making a cardboard template though, as the bias edges on the base triangle have definitely stretched a bit.

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  1. OH I do love this block! The colours are amazing. I would like to try this pattern, do you know if it is available online?