Friday, 5 April 2013

FAL 2013 Q1 round up.

I had a short list for this quarter, trying to be realistic ( I work 4 days a week and have 3 children - I'm usually too tired to sew when I finally have the time!) but my list of finishes is even shorter! Ah well, I am just pleased that there are some!

she can quilt

1. Christmas Tree Skirt

Finished! Bound with homemade bias binding. Super skinny bias binding! (Er, I didn't mean it to be super skinny. I definitely should not measure and calculate late in the evening....)

2. My Daughters simple Quilt.

Sadly no change - it's not even got as far as being basted. :-( So it will be a rollover into Q2

3. My Busy Lizzie Quilt

Finished! Binding all sewn down and in use.

4. City Lights Quilt

Backing sorted and all basted together - but that's it, so another rollover for Q2

5. Swoon Quilt

I didn't expect much progress on this one - and there hasn't been. I have made 2 more blocks, but am struggling with getting my points accurate. I have signed up for Camille Roskelly's Craftsy course which includes the Swoon Quilt, so I'm hoping to pick up some tips to improve my construction of the blocks.

It's also sitting in the naughty corner as when I got out the additional FQ's I bought for it, they turned out to be badly cut skinny quarters so cutting them is going to be a challenge. I need to spend some time working out if I can actually get all of the pieces I need from the fabric now I've trimmed it straight . I also should try and remember which online store I bought them from to make sure I don't order from them again. (they really were very badly cut)

6. My Dad's socks

Finished and gifted. Yay!

7. My Mum's jacket is still in the same pieces "sigh". I am going to have force myself to do this as it feels like a particularly nasty chore. I know I'll feel better when it's done - I just need to find a way to feel more positive about it.

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