Saturday, 13 April 2013

FAL 2013 Q2

Only three things on this list - they really should be doable! (Hmm famous last words - having checked the calendar there is not a lot of spare time between now and June) They are all rollovers from Q1 - I'm not starting anything else until these are finished ( knitting a pair of socks doesn't count - I can't take my sewing machine to swimming lessons)

1 My City Lights Quilt

Fear of quilting is holding me back - just going to have to keep a Friday clear (that is harder than it sounds - this week for example I have the hygienist as well as trying to do the/some housework)

2. My daughters simple Quilt

Need the basting pins from 1 above and then I can get on with it.

3. The Swoon of Doom

It's not really, but those skinny quarters are holding me up. Just need to sit down one evening and work out a cutting pattern and then I get get another two blocks done.

So that's it - I am optimistic I might get it done! (Well if I get the first two out of the way quickly that is)

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