Tuesday, 21 February 2012

This week I have been mostly....

Knitting! (Actually it is more than the last week, but I watched too many Fast Show episodes when I was younger)

I resolve to sew and then I knit? I wish I knew how my brain works and then I could trick it into doing the things that need to be done but I just can't get the enthusiasm for( like the ironing, and decluttering). It's probably a reaction to 2 + horrible weeks. It started with me heading off on the SUnday to Manchester for 2 1/2 days for a training course - and I did not sleep well in the hotel, came back with a stinking cold, the youngest child developed a violent stomach bug, then a cold and a violent aversion to going back to school (which has continued post half term...). Meanwhile my husband developed a horrible cold which is finally going after 2 weeks (the first few days he was mostly zombie like under  Child 3's dinosaur quilt on the sofa.) So knitting was probably a good thing as apparently it produces alpha brain waves similar to those produced by meditation ( I wonder what the readings were when the knitter discovered a mistake in their knitting near the start and they've nearly finished?) as well as being portable for train journeys.

Anyway I finished:

a sock (shamefully this has been languishing for approximatley 2 years. I'm knitting them for my Dad, and as one sock isn't much use, I have cast on the second - and it is now ground to a halt - probably for another 2 years). Please excuse the photo - I haven't blocked the sock (I'll just have to do it again a few years down the line when I finally finish the other one) and I discarded the idea of asking my husband to model a single sock....

my swimming scarf (so called because I only knit on it at the children's swimming lessons - I started it in January so not too long on the needles for this one) - in King Cole Riot Chunky.

and a hat for my daughter (she loves purple and wanted stripes, and fortunately I managed to snaffle some Debbie Bliss Luxury tweed aran in the C&H sale) - that one I only started a week ago so I'm quite pleased with progress. Just needs the last two pom poms and it's done. (I also need to take a photo in daylight as it is looking very brown in this one)

And now? Now I really am going to sew something - could be that half quilted tree skirt, but more likely another swoon block
 I'm really not sure about this one (which could explain why it has sat here part sewn for several weeks) - on the bright side it could be a very good candidate for the Ugly Swoon Block contest!

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  1. Jane what a time you are having. I envy your knitting, I dabble but I am not good. I hope you are all better soon especially the man flu, you would need to meditate through that one.