Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A trip to Eastbourne

We had friends to stay over the weekend and we decided a trip to the sea was in order on Saturday afternoon. We had a pleasant stroll along the promenade (well there was some scooting by the children) and rewarded ourselves with a trip to Fusciardis before turning back.

As expected the children opted for ice creams (show here is Child 3's choice - coffee ice cream and bubblegum and raspberry ice cream. Hmmm)

The adults opted for coffee - which was very good. It has a nice atmosphere, a little quirky and is very popular.

I did spot a shop I wasn't aware of on the way in - Cotton Coast Haberdashery. Having toyed with and discarded the idea of dragging everyone for a visit, I made a beeline for it in my lunch  break on Tuesday.

I think it is fairly new, but the owner seems lovely and although the stock range isn't massive as yet, there are some gems - I found Aurifil thread! I have wanted to try some for a while so was really pleased. They have some knitting yarn, fabric on the roll, and some quilting cottons (including a selection of fat quarters of the Birch fabrics. )and quite a lot of haberdashery and "tools" (heart pom pom makers and butterfly yo yo makers anyone?) as the name would suggest.

The shop window is nicely done and they have put together some of their own kits - for example a bunting kit, and a child's "start sewing" basket. Really well thought and very tempting. I'll definitely be back.

(Hmm - sorry for the lack of photos - I took them on my phone and have never downloaded any before - so no prizes fo guessing I haven't worked out how to...will edit and add them in once I (hopefully) have)

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