Friday, 7 October 2016

A finish!

Earlier this year I started knitting a pair of socks for my Instagram friend Pippa - of Pippa's Patch

Pippa had been wantinga pair of handknitted socks for a while - and although she's a fantastic patchworker, quilter, bagmaker and all round sewer, knitting isn't something she's done very much of.

I had what I thought would be the perfect sock yarn for Pippa in my stash - so started the super stripy socks! Turns out I get more than a little worried when knitting for somebody in another country whose feet I can't check against (especially when they're quite long but narrower than usual).So I added them to my 3rd Qtr FAL list ( Here ) and kept knitting away in spare moments.

I finished them and blocked them in time for me to send them to Pip just before she visited the UK in the summer

Please excuse the slightly odd photo - my sock blockers are too small for these socks!

Luckily they fitted perfectly, and Pippa loved them. Phew!

Linking up to Archie the Wonder Dog  and the 3rd qtr Finishalong 


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