Friday, 7 October 2016

Stripy Seaside Fun

A few years ago, whilst on holiday oin Cornwall, DH and I found an extra long Beach screen for sale. Brilliant! We thought - now we only need to take one to the beach. How wonderful! How much more efficient! And promptly bought it on the spot.

All was well until later that day we headed, tired and sandy, back to the car - and discovered that the beach screen poles were, in fact, too long to fit in said car. Some jiggling (and perhaps some cursing), and some squashed up children later we fitted in it and headed home. Not wanting to waste the screen, the decision was taken to make a new canvas for it and cut down the poles. We found a fantastic stripy canvas fabric at Ikea - bought metres of  it and planned a super duper deluxe screen.

I did part stitch it some while ago - but my sewing machine really didn't like the canvas and heavy duty thread so it languished unfinished and unloved in a heap.

So I added it to my  3rd Qtr FAL list (item 12 to be exact) and dug it out again just before our holiday to Cornwall, and decided to try out my new (to me) Singer featherweight on it.It coped admirably (thankfully)

One finished beach screen later!

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