Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The not Infinity Scarf

I finished my Velveteen and Voile scarf.

In the end I cut down the velveteen to the length of the voile and sewed them together - without pinning. Next time I will most definitely pin - because, blow me, by the time I had sewn both side seams (using a walking foot) - the velveteen was nearly an inch longer than the voile - AGAIN!  Another trim with the rotary cutter was needed.

Fortunately I had the perfect colour thread in my box that matched the voile exactly for the hand sewing part at the end.

The size is fine - perfect if you wanted to wear it unwrapped (though in which case I think I should maybe have added the moebius twist) and a short neck warmer when twisted into two loops. The neck warmer is what I need. I sit by a radiator at work - but I also sit by a window, and so far the window is winning.

It's really hard to get a flattering shot when a) you're not home in daylight and b) you can't force persuade somebody to model it for you.

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