Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weekend musings

It's another wet Sunday in Sussex - very wet! I'd show you a photo, but it's just depressing, and I'm not sure that nearly everybody else in the UK hasn't got a similar view of unrelenting rain outside their window too.

We did manage a nice -  though chilly and muddy - walk up on the Ashdown Forest yesterday.

 Large flakes of snow started to fall as we headed back to the car. Thankfully it didn't last long and none settled. We headed back into the warmth and then the delights of heading out to buy new scout trousers. The just-turned-13-and is-taller-than-me boy has apparently outgrown all the child sizes. Unfortunately the smallest adult size is a 30in waist! That's quite a difference from the largest child size .  I foresee a bit of taking up and taking in in my future - not one of my favourite sewing tasks.

I got as far as cutting out the velveteen and voile for the first infinity scarf, only to discover that the plum coloured voile from Free Spirit that is supposed to be 54" wide, the same as the Anna Maria Horner Velveteens (and Voiles), is in fact about 2 - 3" narrower. Grrrr.

So - do I make the scarf 3" shorter or do I cut a section from the other 1/4 yard  scarf length to make it up? If I take the first option and it is too short to comfortably used, then I've wasted the velveteen by cutting it short. If I take the second option then I can only get one scarf out of the voile, not two.

So has anyone else made an infinity scarf with  9" wide, 50" long pieces of fabric? Did it work out OK?

On the plus side, I tried out Pippa's pancake recipe for pudding at Sunday lunch and they turned out brilliantly!

Thanks Pippa.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for liking my heart quilt top - came snooping and wondered where in Sussex you are?

    Could you add a bit of other fabric in or mock the shorter version up in other not so nice fabric and check ? Not made one sorry!